I'm Allison. 
Nice to meet you. 

In 2016, I moved back to the land of my youth - the Great Plains - after forty years living away in places like Alaska, New York City, coastal California, and the Arizona desert where I raised my amazing grown-up kids. From 2011-2016, I lived in Australia where my husband is from. Talk about adventure!

I've found such a diversity among women everywhere I've lived, but one thing we seemed to share was a love of quiet enjoyment of using one's hands to make something tangible. 

For some it was cooking or baking. For others it was writing. Others loved knitting or sewing, calligraphy, or painting. For many, it was the work of motherhood.

What those have in common was the act of putting away the phones, the TV, knowing the kids were outside playing or at school or in bed, and focusing on the task at hand, creating our own unique bubble where we could savor working with our hands and having our thoughts uninterrupted and all to ourselves.

The world seems to be a crazier place than ever these days. In the face of that, I suspect it is the simple gift of our happy hearts and the work of our hands that will see us from generation to generation with grace and good will.

Wherever I go, I'm covered in bits of thread and I can usually be found in a comfy armchair with needle and fabric in hand. I get a deep satisfaction from the slow pace of hand sewing and embroidery. And the women who visit my blog and shop tell me the same is true for them. They say it is a haven, a safe place, and one we share with generations of women and artisans before us.

In 2012, I decided to help other women (and the interested men) explore the sheer joy of stitchery. I design sewing and embroidery patterns and post downloadable tutorials to provide a place for your careful attention and carefree joy time.

Can you hear it? That's me cheering you on to luxuriate in the sheer bliss of making, savoring the stitch by stitch quiet, and putting your own touch to the pattern

I encourage you, and will mentor you, to put your own personality into any craft pattern including mine. I want you to love what you make whether it's the same as the project sample shown or something you've tweaked. I want you to see the open-ended possibility in a project. And I want you to love the space you create for yourself when you are immersed in the process.

So go on - put away the buzzing, beeping, ringing things in your world. You can go back to them later.

You have entered my little world of making! You can 
  • come into my home  (read the blog)
  • sit at the table and make something (download free tutorials), 
  • spend some time in my sewing room (learn to embroidery painlessly with Embroidery School), 
  • and then we can go shopping together! (head over to my shop where you'll find sewing and embroidery patterns for the comforts of home and the delight of family and friends).

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Have you got a serious case of "can't get enough stitchery"? I thought so. That's why I am now publishing Stitch Cafe magazine, a monthly digital craft digest. In it, you'll find several original patterns, a couple of tutorials, a printable recipe card or two, maker features, and resource articles and links. It's a monthly magazine and it's available in my Etsy shop.

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I'm so glad you've stopped by. The kettle has boiled and I've got tea and coffee ready. So have a seat and put your thimble on. It's time to roll around in fabric choices and get our making groove on.

I'll be so sad when it's time for you to go home, so be sure to follow the blog with Bloglovin to make it easy to come back when you need that wonderful making space again.