I'm Allison. 
Nice to meet you. 

Recently I moved back to the land of my youth - the Great Plains - after years away. The last six years I lived in Australia where my husband is from. Talk about adventure!

It's great to be back. My parents are only an hour away and I spend a couple of days a week with them as they are getting older now. My high school best friend is also here and we love to chat and catch up. And outside of the small Kansan town I live in, there is an Amish settlement and dry goods store. 

When I'm not covered in thread bits, needle and fabric in hand, you can find me:
on Etsy
on Pinterest

This is what I love to do!

  • designing patterns for my Etsy shop
  • putting together Stitch Cafe digital magazine,
  • writing craft projects for print magazines
  • thrifting for gems and making art
  • spending time with family
It doesn't get better than that!

Okay, it does when your readers email and you end up making pen pal relationships. It's so much fun to hear what women around the world are making and enjoying.

I've also been teaching Embroidery School here on the blog. I designed the course so you can become a successful embroiderer (or brush up on old skills) in minutes. Feel free to download the free samplers and join in.

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I'm so glad you've stopped by. Stay awhile. And if you have to go, just follow the blog with Bloglovin and you'll get links to each post.