I'm Allison. 

Hermit. Needle and thread addict. Lover of tea.

I grew up in Kansas City but moved away when I was 17. I have lived all over the U.S. in small towns, big cities, and rural cabins, and then five years in Australia. I returned to Kansas and settled down in Fort Scott in 2016 to be near my parents and family.

As a child I was a big reader, loving story as much as the thrill of life itself. I find story is everywhere and the best stories can be teased out from found objects, smallness, the dark, paradoxes.

How long does a star cleaner's ladder have to be? 

Can you see a rainbow in the night sky if you look a bit sideways?

What story is unfolding behind other people's windows?

If love truly has wings, are they like butterfly wings or airplane wings?

Hand sewing small things for quiet pleasure is my happy place. 


Functional everyday items make the best found objects for discovering story. Beyond their original uses are layers of possibility.  These objects intrigue me and the hunt for them is wholly satisfying.


For the last four years, I have been designing sewing and embroidery patterns for Australian and U.S. magazines.  I have been featured in and designed for more than 30 issues of print magazines and have been featured in and designed for several blogs worldwide.


When I was growing up, I escaped into the world of the arts, but in the end I found I had a talent for teaching. I teach my sweaterdoll-making, embroidery, and fiber art workshops to both adults and children.


A tiny needle and any thread is bound to excite me. I will spend a week needlepointing a tea strainer for a week. Some favorite hours have been spent crafting small quilts, mini hoop necklace pendants, and fabric teacups.

I encourage you to see the open-ended possibility in a project. And I want you to love the space you create for yourself when you are immersed in the process as much as I do.

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I'm so glad you've stopped by. The kettle has boiled and I've got tea and coffee ready. So have a seat, grab some fabric, and put your thimble on (thimble is optional). It's time to SweaterDoll.

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