Saturday, October 14, 2017

Another batch of aprons

In the delicious mad dash to create fabric and stitchery "babies" for a local shop in town, I have had to absolutely reorganize my fabric hutch and supplies. 

It may not look different from any previous photo - except I now know where everything is. Because I have twice the amount of fabrics I did a couple of months ago, supplies were displaced to other areas and all the fabric is not in the hutch.

The lampshades are for mobiles. I've been taking the fabric/paper off and wrapping them and adding doodads. Some are too lovely though and will be embellished as is.

Windowsill collection.

Mr. True Love is building me a simple work table out of some plywood he bought to make himself a workbench for his man cave. It should be ready in a few days and I'm thrilled. When I did mainly hand work, the folding table I have was plenty of table, but with aprons and machine sewing going on, I need more work area to spread fabrics on.

I took a few more aprons to Mary's shop but forgot to take photos of them. But here's probably the last batch for awhile, hot off the press and ready to deliver.

These are all made from pillowcases and a sham. Vintage bits and bobs, table scarves, handkerchiefs, lace, tea towels, quilt blocks adorn them. 

Just in case it's spring in your hemisphere.

Poly/cotton pillowcase, linen napkin, cotton handkerchief, linen table scarf.

What an elegant sham. Rich colors and a bit of quilting and lacy bits.

Cotton and linen fabrics, cotton lace, otton ric rac.

I like the country, vintage, and cottage look. 

Cotton fabrics, linen napkin and tea towel, cotton embroidery.

The quilt piece came like that. Someone must have already taken apart a hand stitched quilt top using feed sack squares.

Poly/cotton fabric, cotton fabrics, linen table scarf, cotton doily bit, synthetic lace and ribbon.

The embroidered teapot is one of 34 embroidered squares I bought in a pack awhile back. It was likely supposed to become a quilt all together but had never been pieced.

I love the vintage fabric in the ties. I have about 2 yards of it and I'm wondering what to do with it. The green napkin is a pocket.

Cotton fabrics, linen napkins, cotton doily, cotton lace.

The large ruffled bit is a folded silk handkerchief. 

Poly/cotton, linen table linen with cotton embroidery, synthetic lace, silk handkerchief.

If you see any you'd like to buy, I won't be taking them over for a couple of days. Email me and we can arrange it. They are $25 each plus shipping.

Art aprons must be hand washed and hung to dry.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Mary asked me to make aprons for her adorable shop. I love wearing aprons of all kinds. They just change up how I feel about what I'm doing. I even wear them out of the house sometimes!

I am so happy with the ones I've just finished, I decided to let you have first pick! I have these three to share today.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, just email me for prices. I can ship in padded envelopes for about $5 in the US and $8 elsewhere.

All the aprons are 20" x 28" wide. They are all backed with cotton or cotton/poly fabric.

Candy stripey wrap apron

Made from cotton fabrics, vintage ric rac, and a scrap of antique cotton doily. The ties are 38" long each.

This apron has a good sized right handed pocket made from a vintage tablecloth.

Teal is "In" Apron

Is there anything that isn't teal these days? Still, it's a lovely color and I'm glad it's still making the rounds.

Made from cotton and linen with 2 plastic buttons, cotton ribbon, a cotton embroidered panel, and a couple of clothing labels. The seersucker stripe is a right handed pocket. The ties are 42" long each for a goodly wrap-around bow.

The photos are a lot more yellow than I wanted. The teal is a lovely shade and the whites are actually white, although the embroidered rose panel is indeed a creamy color.

Elegant Hostess

This one has no pocket, but it does have a gorgeous hand embroidered panel on the front that I just found this week. Made from cotton and linen fabrics and an unusual red and white handkerchief. The ties are 31" long each. 

It's good to be partnering up with Mary. It gets me out of the house and, in truth, online biz isn't holding its own compared with doing in-person local business. My online business has been a losing venture since the start even though I just love making new things to share and sell. I tip my hat to those who can make it work!

Off to the sewing room now! I have more fabric to sort through.

A win and a loss

This is the first time I've managed to actually cut through one of my tape measures. Not that I don't have plenty more. I have a bit of a collection of tape measures and I love to find them in odd colors.

But this purple beauty was the one I carried around in my purse because who doesn't love to whip out a purple tape measure wherever you go?

I've been a busy beaver in the sewing room, making throw pillows and aprons for a local shop.

Months ago, I met the loveliest woman in town. Mary has been an upholsterer with her own business, Here We Go Again Upholstery, for 41 years. She creates upbeat, eclectic combinations, rarely using just one type of fabric in her work.

Way back when we met, we found a kinship in our love of found objects and making something new from something old. She asked me to make some things for the shop but only now am I getting a chance to do just that.

Last week, I made some simple cushions from wool sweaters, bits of thrifted needlepoint pieces, and leftover fabrics.

 Even the backs are lovely.

I was very lucky to inherit some upholstery fabrics from my mom. I had almost forgotten I had them.

The purple tape measure is now taped up and will be kept in my purse far from scissors. I don't need absolute accuracy when I'm out and about and I can't bear to give it up.  

Do you have a favorite sewing tool?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Aftermath of the annual town-wide yard sale event

It's the annual September town-wide yard sale day and only by accident did I go out today and get sucked into it. Happily I might add.

There's no reason to bore you with details. You really should just see some of the goodies hubby and I brought home. The tin dishes above are some of the goodies.

1950s or 60s figurines.

 Glass Christmas balls.

 Vintage tablecloth (it's folded so this is 1/4 of it) and a sewing bag.

 A 1995 Mickey Mouse tree topper that moves and lights up when plugged in and a 16mm reel of Krazy Kat - "Frogs and Kats" episode.

Here's your warning. I like creepy things. 

I couldn't pass on these poor old dolls.

These two are pretty gothic looking. But it wasn't until I stood them up that I noticed the lady's head is turned backwards. I'm leaving it that way.

These beauties are so elegantly dressed, but one of them has a broken neck.

 It's a little "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?", isn't it?

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm looking forward to turning this set into a pincushion doll.

I love her little bracelet and her buckle shoes with little straps and heels.

I also scored a pristine feather comforter and now I'm ready for winter. 

Hubby and I didn't even unpack the car when we got home. We both immediately fell asleep in our comfy chairs and took a nap. 

Next post, I'll tell you what happy accident brought me into town in the first place, though I'm really glad it did.